Coaching Services

The Carpenter Group offers executive, individual, and team coaching services to help maximize performance. Explore coaching services if you.

  • Recently became a new manager.
  • Leading a team through complex change.
  • A team feeling stuck.
  • Preparing for a promotion.
  • Seeking self-discovery.
  • Want to live your best life.

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Team Coaching

Team coaching can support your organization:

  • During times of organizational change by providing support to change agents, Sr. Leaders, and other key personnel charged with change efforts;
  • with high visibility projects that are fundamental to organizational success.
  • by cultivating high-potential employees and leaders that need to develop skills to take them to the next level.

Leadership Coaching for Busy Executives

We get it. Sometimes your schedule doesn’t allow you to commit to long-term coaching engagements, but deep down you know you need just a little extra support to reach that goal, create some needed self-awareness, or find solutions to challenges at work or home. On-Demand Coaching is an excellent way to get the coaching support you want without the long-term coaching engagement.

You enjoy the ability to decide how much coaching time is needed given the topic and your schedule. Schedule coaching calls in any 15, 30, 60, and 90-minute blocks of time with as little as 24-hours notice. This unique approach gives you the power to customize your coaching experience.

Common topics covered in On-Demand Sessions:

  • Map out an execution plan for a major work project that will lead to your next promotion.
  • Develop a strategy for an upcoming board meeting designed to maximize collaboration that leads to increased revenue.
  • Brainstorm new business products that will increase your revenue streams and help you meet your income goals.
  • Identify major steps towards your retirement dreams, and create an action plan that leads you straight into your golden years.
  • Create a strategy for setting boundaries with difficult friends or family members.