Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

The Carpenter Group can help you get the most out of your next meeting or retreat with our expert facilitators. We will design productive and inspirational meetings that drive your organization forward in a meaningful way.

Meetings We Facilitate

  • Team Building and Effectiveness
  • Leadership and Company Off-Sites
  • Brainstorming and Ideation Sessions
  • Purpose, Vision, and Mission Development
  • Complex Problem Solving

Our Process

  1. Prepare and Design – Each engagement begins with a comprehensive information gathering process that includes meeting with meeting planners and senior leaders. Our goal is to intimately understand your meeting objectives and the organization’s culture so that we may better hear and understand the meaning behind the words.
  2. Facilitate Your Meeting – The day(s) of your meeting, The Carpenter Group will execute the meeting; your facilitator is skilled at balancing the intended meeting agenda with the needs of the moment and will use every tool available to deliver your meeting objectives.
  3. Report and Follow-up – The Carpenter Group produces a report that summarizes the conversations, key points, actions taken, decisions made and additional recommendations as identified. Each engagement includes a follow-up meeting with meeting organizers to review original objectives and discuss organizational impact.