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Are you living your values?

cropped-perurob1152.jpgThe Story

In the not so distant past, I lacked clarity of what was truly important to me. I naturally knew that I preferred certain activities, like spending the weekend with my family, or that I wanted to work, but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why these things were important to me. What I found to be most frustrating is that my values and behaviors seemed to be misaligned.

The values/behavior gap was most apparent in my professional world. I so deeply wanted to be a professional, climb a corporate ladder, and make a name for myself. But my desire to care for my family kept pulling me away from the traditional workforce. I struggled to figure out why my professional goals did not reflect my professional decisions.

Do you sometimes feel a misalignment between your goals and how you respond or feel?

Moment of Clarity  

I had a moment of clarity while on the phone with my coach last summer. We were talking about trust and she had asked me about a time when I truly trusted the outcome of a situation. The answer came quick and was crystal clear; it was the moment my daughter was diagnosed with TSC, hands down. I trusted with every ounce of my being; I had no other choice, I couldn’t ‘fix’ her.

Over the years I’ve been shown that trust doesn’t mean easy, but rather it provides clarity and guidance to know how to proceed.

{When I speak of trust, I speak of my faith; I believe that each life experience is apart of God’s perfect plan. Trust may mean something different for you and that’s okay.}

So you might be thinking what’s trust have to do with anything.

Back to that moment with my coach last summer, it was then I realized I was not transferring the same level of trust I had in my daughter’s situation to other areas of my life.

Living My Values

What I began to notice was that when I allowed myself to completely trust a situation amazing things began to happen. I was able to hear my intuition, I was able to put my finger on why the things in my life were important to me, I began to articulate and live my values.

Trusting, for me, was not only the first step to understanding my values, but learning to live my values in every area of my life.

Take Action

Perhaps you have a desire to uncover your values, to understand what drives your behavior, decisions, and passions. Trust allowed me to quiet my mind and helped define what I otherwise could not put into words.

It may be something else for you.

I challenge you to find an area or situation in your life that ‘works’. What about this area works so well and why? How can you duplicate in an area that you may be struggling?

Your Life. Your Terms. No Apologies.

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